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  • NHMO
    2/10/2012 9:34 AM
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                                                    Navian Holy Monastic Order

The Navian Holy Monastic Order (MONK-Tag) is a guild that is alternative to the numerous conquesting and empire-building guilds of today. 

We have an established house of worship for ceremonies.  Our Oratory will not define us though. We are of a set of ideals, therefore we ourselves, can never be militarily defeated. 

                                                    What activities do we do?
Prophecying and Ministration in cities to the populace.
Making Beer and Selling our signature brew "Monks Choice Beer"
Diplimocy missions
Writing, duplicating, storing, and selling Books written by members based on research and study.
Meetings and Ceremonies
Charity-work (2 different types)
Wearing/Crafting Rank appropriate colored vestments and other gear.
(All of the above will happen naturally through our narrative)                

                                                      Guild Information     

       The guilds story, or narrative, will follow a story-format. So instead of using contrived roleplay, actual events will be triggered by previous events or occurances. This gives events a reason to happen and encourages participation. Our lore is not lengthy to encourage participation and study, and wider field of opportunity for events to occur.


                                                                Alt Policy

       The best thing about NHMO is you can have 1 character in the guild and your other characters do not have to be in the guild. So your “Main” character doesn’t have to be in the order. They can be in another guild. The only rule is that this other guild cannot be a red flagged guild or you can not be a murderer.

                                                               War Policy

The monastic orders members can and will protect themselves if they are attacked at any time, but they will never declare war or try to expand their "control" beyond owning a place of worship or several houses for the purpose of spreading peace and making beer and ales. You will never see a MONK tag member fighting with warring guilds even though we may denounce a certain guilds actions as warmongering. If you see these members most likely they are gathering materials to make beer, going to fish, going to preach in the city, or partaking in a ceremony of some type. If they will not talk to you and will only nod, most likely it is their day of silence.


 Events are posted in the CST time zone and typically take place at 9:30 pm 2-3 days a week.
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NHMO, Feb 10, 12 2:34 PM.
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